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President Under Pressure to Punish Panem

14 APR 3301

Shadow President Hudson appeared before Congress earlier today to demand that President Halsey address the continued spread of Onionhead throughout Federal space.

Despite the implementation of aggressive Federal policies aimed at criminalising possession and distribution of Onionhead, recent reports suggest that Onionhead sales have gone up by as much as 800% in some regions.

With prohibition clearly failing, Congress is now calling on the President to once again act against the Onionhead plantations on Panem. So far, the President has been reluctant to launch another attack on Panem, citing the existence of Lucan Onionhead as proof that an all-out assault on the Onionhead fields will only result in driving the operation underground.

While the President is almost certainly correct in her assessment of the situation, that fact is unlikely to stop Shadow President Hudson from demanding she does everything in her power to shut down Panem's production once and for all.

Hudson has Medical Meeting in Mongan

14 APR 3301

The Shadow President’s tour of the Federation continued this week with a visit to the Reyan BPS headquarters aboard Moisuc Station, Mongan.

Shadow President Hudson met with healthcare mogul and Reyan BPS CEO, Sam Reyan, to discuss ways in which Reyan BPS and the Federal government can come together to ensure a healthier future for all members of the Federation.

Subjects under discussion included a potential universal healthcare scheme, improved supply chains for frontier worlds and a number of undisclosed projects that would operate under the purview of the Federal Navy. The proposed deals could be worth trillions of credits to Reyan BPS, a corporation who has traditionally struggled to penetrate the ultra-lucrative congressional contracts market.

With so much corporate support beginning to stabilise behind Hudson, it’s only a matter of time before the Shadow President finally makes his move to out Halsey from office.